POS (Point Of Sale) Systems

POS Mate provides complete POS solutions for a wide variety of New Zealand industries, from hospitality to retail.

When it comes to POS systems, one size doesn’t fit all businesses

The point of sale solution you’ll need for a 40 seat restaurant is different from a busy cafe where customers order at the counter. And, different again to what’s required in a multi-lane supermarket, or a liquor store, or a convenience store.

That’s why, when you come to us for a POS system, we find out exactly what you need.

Then, we deliver a complete solution that combines the POS hardware and software that’s best suited to your situation, now and in the future.

Tough, durable hardware. Flexible, smart software.

To ensure we can offer the best POS solution for you, we don’t just work with one brand.

Instead, we’ve selected a range of hardware that does a great job, including all-in-one touchscreen POS computers, non-touch screen retail POS and even custom built POS hardware with separate touch monitors.

We also offer point of sale peripherals such as cash drawers, scales, barcode scanners and receipt printers.

Our POS software options include Idealpos, Cash Cow and POS Perfect, for flexibility and performance in even the busiest environments.

Whatever your point of sale needs, we have a solution.

What’s more, we offer lease, lease to buy and outright purchase options. Check out these common POS requirements and get in touch to let us know what you need your POS to do.

POS options for restaurants

Take orders at the table using a tablet or mobile phone, print them directly to the kitchen, split bills by seat, push the amount due to wireless Eftpos terminals for at-table payment and easily manage tables with our restaurant POS solutions.

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POS options for bars

Make your bar transactions quick and easy with a touchscreen point of sale that talks directly to your cash drawer and Eftpos terminal. Your POS can manage your inventory and run reports for you too.

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POS options for grocery

Our grocery POS solutions make it easy to sell by item or by weight, with an intuitive touchscreen linked to a barcode scanner, scales, Eftpos machine, cash drawer and receipt printer. Customer-facing screens make it easy for your client to see what they owe and can be used for promotions too.

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POS options for cafés

Our POS options for cafés, takeaways and other food outlets include touchscreens configured for you, that push the amount due direct to your Eftpos machine and print receipts. Cashing up at the end of the day and sales reporting are quick and easy too.

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POS options for retailers

From small convenience stores to multi-lane supermarkets, we configure POS options to suit. Options range from just a POS screen and receipt printer to include customer facing screens, counter top barcode scanners and robust cash drawers. Inventory management and reporting come as standard.

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POS options for liquor stores

Non-touch screen retail point of sale solutions are often ideal for liquor stores and we couple them with barcode scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers. Complete inventory management and low stock warnings let you make sure you never run out of any products.

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Installing POS systems throughout NZ

We’re proud to be the POS supplier for businesses up and down the country. Here’s a selection.

Eftpos terminals and POS systems

Talk to us about your Eftpos needs; day rentals, short term rentals to cover exhibitions or peak trading periods, lease options to eliminate the risk of owning a machine or purchase with warranty.