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POS Mate is proud to offer New Zealand businesses a better deal on Visa, MasterCard and other credit and debit card transactions.

As electronic transactions continue to increase, the pressure is on to accept the payment methods your customers have in their wallet, or risk losing a transaction.

While your local customers may have an Eftpos card with them, international travellers face a choice between credit or debit cards and cash and their available cash determines the amount they spend. Adding credit card facilities to your payment terminal allows you to capture impulse purchases that can turn a sale into a more profitable outcome.

Until now, the cost of accepting these transactions has put a dent in your bottom line and we're proud to present a lower cost option for accepting credit and debit cards, processed through the Paymark network.

Through POS Mate, you can get a better deal on these credit cards (and of course, PayWave transactions):

  • Get a great deal on Visa transactions with POS Mate
  • Get a great deal on MasterCard transactions with POS Mate
  • Get a great deal on UnionPay transactions with POS Mate
  • Get a great deal on PayWave transactions with POS Mate

The speed and security of Paymark

Our credit card payments are processed through the Paymark network, which means speed, security and access to Paymark's detailed credit card reporting application TransTrack, so you can keep track of your transactions online.

Low transaction costs

You'll pay just 2.8% (or even less!) processing fee on all credit card transactions.

No monthly minimums

There's no minimum monthly value you need for credit card transactions; you get the same great rate regardless.

Automatic settlement

Funds are settled in to your New Zealand bank account on a daily basis.

Save more when you bundle

Get an even better deal when you buy or hire your Eftpos and POS system from us too.

Join us and get:
Get low credit card transaction fees with POS Mate payment solutions

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More options coming soon

Watch this space for more electronic payment options, popular amongst Chinese travellers to New Zealand.

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